A couple cool days in Puerto Rico


First semester at Towson

636136441209459141-1882693950_Towson_Tigers03Hellooooooo summer! There is one more month left and I could not be more relieved. I transferred from a community college and can truthfully say I’ve enjoyed my time here so far. It went by pretty fast too (however I’m not complaining about that). I appreciate that Towson is very career driven and consistently has opportunitites for you to learn from and be involved with. One of my favorite things is how Towson advocates for diversity and welcoming different cultures. That is so important to me and makes me feel a lot more at ease. The “No hate” signs you see are also comforting. Unfortunately, college hate crimes occur more often than you think and sometimes aren’t even an issue. Towson says there is absolutely no place for that. Now, have I met a lot of new people and actually become friends with them? Not really. Which sucks since this is college after all. Maybe it’s because I’m 21 and already satisfied with my set of friends. Or it could be that I just enjoy being in my own company most of the time. It’s not a big issue for me but at the same time, I have all the power to change that if I wanted to. Next semester I plan on joining clubs and being involved more. I signed up for the Advertising club but failed to stick with it (not sure why). But I’m definitely going to make this a goal for myself next semester. I think i just had to figure out how I function and what I think I can handle since this is my first semester at a university. I am pleased to say that I am actually looking forward to next semester. I have more motivation and learned the importance of networking, being more involved and using my independence to the best of my ability.